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NOTE: We are no longer allow cyclists to register online and pay at the event. If you wish to pay at the event, you will have to register at the event, as well. If you wish to register online, the only way to do so is via this form and PayPal, which will accept any major credit card.

We process all credit cards via PayPal, the world's most trusted online payment processor. Your name and address do not need to match the credit card or PayPal account you are using to register.

Vital Information

The following information is required of all riders registering for the Food Cycle Ride. Note: For those participating for the family rate, one family member registers and lists the other family members on this form.

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Rider Profile

Your Rider Profile is important. You can use your profile to send messages to family and friends inviting them to join you on the ride or to make a donation to support your ride, etc. Your Rider Profile is also a passport to join a team to ride and raise donations as a group. It will also allow you to track the results of your fund raising effort. We need the profile information to know how many riders are participating on which routes and over what distances so that we can support you and ensure your safety.

To create a Rider Profile, develop and confirm a password below. At the completion of this registration process, your profile will contain basic information - (your name only - no other identifying information), route and distance selected. With the password you can get onto your profile page at any time to expand your profile to include a message to supporter, a fundraising goal, an invitation to others to ride, etc.

Note: If for any reason you do not want to be identified on this website as a rider in the Food Cycle Ride, please do not complete the online registration. Instead, plan to register in-person on Ride day.

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Course Selection and Donation Options

This section allows you to choose your ride course (road or trailway); your distance; and whether you are registering as an individual or for a family.

Regardless of route, if you are a student or under 18 you are eligible for a discounted rate.

We have included a section for a donation above and beyond the fee required to enter the ride. This is not a mandatory donation, by any means — though we do value any contribution you may wish to make. All donations of $10 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Important Note: If you raise the targeted amount of donations for your event, your registration fee will be waived or refunded at the event.

Category Fee Minimum Donation
Road Routes - Adult $45 $90
Road Routes - Family $55 $100
Trailway - Adult $30 $60
Trailway - Family $40 $75
All Routes - Students/Youth $20 $50
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