Forming a Team

Forming a Team and collecting pledges to support it is a wonderful way to make the Food Cycle Ride more fun and provide even more help to the Centre Wellington Food Bank.   Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to the Registration header on the website and click on Register Online Now! and fill in the information and complete your registration.
  2. Once you have completed registering, click on the “Return to Centre Wellington Foodbank” button.  It will take you to a page where you can Edit your Profile, Form a Team or Join a Team.  Click on the Form a Team option, register the team name and create a team profile.
  3. Once you have registered your Team, you can invite family, friends, co-workers to register at any time by going to the “Register Online Now” section and, upon completing their registration, joining your team.

If you have already registered, go to the Home Page and click on the Riders and Teams tab; then click on your name in the Rider list.  This will take you to a page where you can edit your profile or form a team.

Very Important: 

+If any of the team members is a minor (under 18), he/she must have the waiver form signed by a parent or guardian.  Waiver forms can be downloaded from the website.

+Different members of your team can choose different routes and distances.  The minimum age for participation in the Road Routes is 12 years old.


Question:  Can I collect pledges off-line?  Yes.  Simply download the Pledge Sheet from the home page of this website.  Use it to collect off-line pledges and turn the Pledge Sheet and the money and/or cheques (made payable to the Centre Wellington Food Bank) into the registration desk on the morning of the event. The amount raised will not show up on the on-line Team Profile page, but will be credited to you and the team for determining fundraising results.


We want to make this easy!  If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, please contact Bryan Hayter: 

Tel:   519 843 8889